Christmas Open House Highlights

Did you make it to the Christmas Open House?  If you didn’t, you missed a HUGE party!  I took a bunch of pictures and I’m gonna share them with you, just so you’ll know what you missed…in case you’re one of the ones who missed out.
These photos aren’t in any particular order…totally random.  Sit back and enjoy!
This is the cutest darn idea.  They took a white iron tiered stand and placed the plates and punch cups in it. Functional and pretty, too!
Renate, one of the vendors, made these classy pine cones.  Who knew you could glam up plain old pine cones????
This is a pic of the archway that separates the two levels…actually it’s just a pic of the underneath of the arch.  I had to stand on my mouse-head in order to take this pic!
There were tons of these guys around…all dressed in red and white Santa suits.  
This is a pic of the top of the arch—told ya the pics were gonna be random.  :>)  Beautiful Santa on top and he’s dressed all in white, rather than the customary red and white.
Here’s another pic of the arch…
Bet you can’t guess what this is!  It’s an old bedspring hanging from the ceiling and filled with Christmas lights.
These slipcovers are so snazzy!  The picture doesn’t show it well, but there are glittery thingies on the skirt, which makes it even more snazzy!
The lighting wasn’t the best on this next shot…and, yes, I know the poor quality of the pic is due to the mouse behind the lens.  :>) Plates for Santa’s cookies in a really vibrant red and white, despite the photographer’s inadequacies with dealing with lighting.
This is a pic of the tables…and, yes, that is plural.  There were FOUR tables of goodies and beverages.  Oh, the grazing that took place that night!
This is the most dee-licious punch!  It’s made out of ice cream and coffee.  Sounds awful, especially if you don’t like coffee, but I can promise you it is scrumptious!!
And to end this little slideshow, here is a pic of Brenda and Mike, the owners of Paply’s Gifts & Antiques, toasting each other on the back porch, following a very busy evening.
Brenda and Mike worked for days getting ready for the Open House, and all the vendors fluffed up their booths and filled them with seasonal decorations AND contributed to the food and drinks served that night.  What a great bunch of people that make up Paply’s!!