Help! The masses are coming!

Do you know what Saturday is?  FIRST SATURDAY AT PAPLY’S!  And, yes, I screamed that…and not in a nice way.  I bet you’d scream, too, if you lived here–or anywhere near here, for that matter.  I was eavesdropping–my favorite pastime–and heard Mike on the phone talking to someone who wanted to rent one of the spaces in the parking lot for the big Saturday sale, and he said, “Sorry.  We are already full.” 

Full??  Oh, woe is me.  That means there’s going to be people in the parking lot with stuff to sell, people in the parking lot wanting to buy the stuff for sale, cars everywhere, people everywhere, furniture being hauled in and out of the store all day long….  I will no sooner find a hiding place, than someone will be grabbing it and hauling it away.  I’ll be scurrying and scurrying all day long, trying my darnedest to keep from being discovered.  Does anyone have an aspirin?  I feel a headache coming on. 

I’d tell you not to come Saturday to shop, but you might as well join the mob who’ll be here.  Besides, I’d feel really guilty if you’d been eyeing a particular item and it sold and you weren’t here to buy it, just because I told you not to come. 

I gotta go batten down the hatches, or whatever it is they say when they tie down everything they don’t want to lose in a storm. 

This is Vinnie Mouse, saying, “Au revoir!”