Shabby Chic


Why You Should Choose Shabby Chic Furniture

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with interior design styles like shabby chic, everyone’s eyes just might surrender. Shabby chic in Killeen is a beautiful style that transcends age and offers people a comfortable environment without sacrificing appealing aesthetic. These days, shabby chic is among the most common interior design styles available thanks to its unique look and feel. Are you thinking about turning your home into a shabby chic masterpiece? Read on to find out why you should join in on the bandwagon right now.

  1. Highly Customizable – The great thing about shabby chic in Killeen is that you don’t have to follow a stencil. You can choose close to anything and turn it into your own version of shabby chic. Designers like to think of this style as vintage with a hint of personality – that is, you can decide how you want each item to look and you can choose what items you want to transform. Shabby chic can be done on almost anything – from your floors to your kitchen sink! All you need to do is figure out which items in your house would work best with the style and then proceed to make it happen.
  2. Affordable and Cost-Effective – If you’re a designer working on a budget, then you will love working with shabby chic styles. Again, anything can be turned into a shabby chic masterpiece. You can distress floor boards for a more used up touch, toss around some doilies to make it seem a little more country, and pile on the flowers for a cozier feeling. It really doesn’t cost much to get the look down – all you really need to do is make everything look, well, shabby! (in a tasteful way, of course.)
  3. Happens on Its Own – Whether or not you want it to happen (why wouldn’t you want it to happen, though), shabby chic in Killeen is part of a home’s natural course. Think of it as the aging process for houses. Every home will become shabby chic in the future; things will get used up, décor will fade, and paint will start to chip off. That’s the beauty of shabby chic in Killeen. As your home makes its way through the years, it will age, creak, and change. This isn’t a bad thing. This is just the memories and the past moments overwhelming your interior.